PRICE was born to support my research in image processing. So I have decided to work on a usable application that can open several file formats and apply high quality filters and other enhancements to the image.

Project on Sourceforge


Manual pages for the end user.

Commented usage examples.

Papers for the developer:

GNUstep License exception

Development, system requirements.

The application is written in Objective-C. Currently it uses the Cocoa framework of MacOS X ( or the GNUstep framework ( that should run on a standard POSIX Unix (Solaris, Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD are known to work.). Porting to OpenStep could be possible, if anyone is interested, contact me. I currently have no usable development platform for such anenvironment.


Click here for some screenshots of PRICE running on MacOS or here for GNUstep. Logo

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