Screenshots, MacOS-X:

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(v 0.6.1)

Price running on Puma (10.1.5) showing the scale and crop tool

The brightness and contrast controls. In the about box the new icon is visible

(v 0.2.9)

This is the new histogram tool that is able to display information for color images too. The three blue, green, red components are piled up so that the sum is the luminosity: observing the total profile gives the same information as the equivalent histogram of the greyscale image.

This is the new median filter. We see the panel were the size and the form of the filter can be set. Also a siwtch is present to check if the calculation has to be done in a separable way (horizontal and then vertical) or not (in a single pass).

(v 0.2.6)


Here we see an overview of price: an image has been applied a high-pass filter with autorange: We can see the smooth traced edges and the interface of the filter to left. Bottom right we see the display (logarithmic rep. of the modulus) of the DFT computed by using the FFT.  Bottom left we see an image to which a strong edge enhancer has been applied by entering directly the matrix in the convolution panel which is visible in the background.

trace edges convolution

Here we see a quite simple edge tracer that works by roughly doing the derivative (the slope, in fact) of the image.

equalize histogram

This is an image the histogram of which has been equalized (the result at right). Sometimes this result can have an artificial look, but it can be very useful for enhancing images and making details visible.